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Why Democrats Are Winning the Government Shutdown

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PostPosted: 11    Post subject: Why Democrats Are Winning the Government Shutdown

Why Democrats Are Winning the Government Shutdown Messaging War
[See editorial cartoons about the budget and the deficit.]
Democrats argue that the disagreement isn over spending but rather over policy issues; they narrowed that line to focus on federal funding for Planned Parenthood: Republicans want to shut down the government, Democrats say, so they can undermine women healthcare.
The Republican frame is about spending. will the White House and when will Senate Democrats get serious about cutting spending? House Speaker John Boehner asked this morning and seemingly every other time he appeared in public in recent days.
[See 10 effects of a government shutdown.]
If the Democratic spin prevails, the GOP will get killed. But I not sure the converse is true.
Consider that national polls show most Americans want leaders to compromise in order to keep the government running. The problem for GOP leaders, specifically Boehner, is that most Republicans take a starkly different view: According to a Gallup poll released this week, a majority of GOPers would prefer to shut the government down than to compromise, which is why Boehner has had to take a hard line saying that the GOP is fighting for as many spending cuts as they possibly can. Democrats, on the other hand,[url=]moncler homme[/url], have let it be known that they have made concession after concession, first exceeding the GOP original $31 billion in cuts figure, and then making successive other concessions to get the number up to $38 billion.
[Check out political cartoons about the GOP.]
To sum up, Democrats look like the compromiser, which will infuriate some portion of their base who fulminate at their trying to accommodate the Republicans even as the GOP keeps moving the goalposts. Even those partisans will understand at some level the need to keep the government open. Republicans, on the other hand, are playing directly to their base by trying to look as tough as possible. There is at least one persuasive school of thought that says that legislators of both parties will suffer in a shutdown while President Obama comes out the winner.
Time, which is running out, will tell.
See 10 effects of a government shutdown.
Check out a roundup of political cartoons about the budget and the deficit.
Vote now: Will the government shut down?
Okay Harry and the rest of you Democrats that tried to get to the heart strings of the American people regarding the Republicans wanting to hurt the low income women. I ask the Republican Party to continue trying to do this and ALL Welfare Programs as their is a lot of FRAUD going on.
This weekend while at the grocery store, it was seen that a woman had paid for her baby food with Wic. I don't have a problem with women that need help to ensure they are able to get their baby's needs. I do have a problem when you pay with WIC with a COACH purse hanging from her arm, about a $120.00 Nike running shoes and the real kicker, when she was followed out of the store, she was saw getting into a brand new Dodge Charger (the expensive one) with 22 rims. How can someone be able to afford these items but not food for their children? Do our Democrats really think it is okay for the tax payers to have to give up their hard earned money to help support this kind of FRAUD?
When we put these programs into place then there needs to be a way to monitor them. Unfortunately no one seems to be held accountable. We have to get better regarding this as so much of our money is being wasted and if we could get rid of the waste and fraud, then maybe we could have enough money to fund these programs. It is just so irritating we have so many individuals working the system and the individuals that really need have can't seem to get it.
I believe President Odrama needs to go back to his campaign days and see where he has stated certain promises and did the exact opposite. I feel I have a right to complain about the broken promises as those were the promises that lead me to vote for him. What a mistake that was and believe me he will not get my vote in 2012. One piece of advice to him, I don't think your charm and slick ways will coax many this time around. As for this transparency, what a joke that it!!!! Why don't you have open door meetings with cameras then the American people don't have to worry about which party is lying to us. We know it's one or the other. I believe the President, Harry Reid and John Boehner ALL sold the American people out regarding the 2011 budget vote today. I truly believe the Republicans are acting like the "Good Ole Boys Club" and if they keep playing around they too will loose their election. John Boehner, you told the American people you were going to cut, cut, cut. When it came down to it the CBO informs us the truth about the numbers. You wanted the trust of the American people and we gave it to you. If you keep this up, you too will loose the trust of the American people.
I still have faith in the Tea Party and whomever voted against this joke of cuts!!!!! I am hoping both parties will get serious about the cuts that need to be made on the 2012 budget and not give in and raise the debt ceiling. Republicans need to realize there consequences to ALL elections.
Disgusted in Arizona
Prez tested the waters to see if more advantageous to close government or keep it open. Liberals are needing a ray of sunshine, they haven't gotten any lately. In a rare show of good judgment, they buckled. They didn't fold, not totally. Is keeping liberals away today, like it did when it turned out shooter in AZ had absolutely no connection to Sarah, Fox or conservatives. What a letdown for liberals. How can they be progressive when their put downs on us doesn't put on down.
With one out of three branches of government ours, the arrogance of Democrats has been busted. I heard here HOW CAN CONSERVATES SWING SO MUCH POWER with just one House ? People spoke loudly Nov. 2, 2010. Days of pushing through legislation like obamacare with little regard to Republicans (party of NO and "racist") and polls cost liberals face strong foothold on government. barry condemned us when he had to give us Bush tax cuts to wealthy, those words/hints of degradation was not heard in latest agreement speech. We took hostage another $$$ 2 billion off spending spree of government for a very short extension on budget (think Democrats wish they would have passed budget when due now. Plan failed).
More articles here about Sarah, Michelle, and Trump. Any to not bring up trials at Gitmo, agreements reached. Needed is issues like birthers. Something liberals can dig their teeth into. FEEL HAPPY about. After all, I FEEL THEIR PAIN. Plenty of insulting will make then feel alive, again, in their hours of darkness.
What we won will be discussed. I look forward liberals will have to endure, recalling their very short glory days of Camelot. Reality will rule our land. That I firmly pray.

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